Nvu is an open source Web-page editor based on Gecko, the rendering engine used in Firefox. The editor features tabbed editing, easy table and layer layout control, ability to insert PHP script, integrated site manager, XHTML support, etc..

Features Edit

Ease of Use Edit

tabbed editing

Advanced Layout Control Edit

In Nvu, it is easy to create and modify complex layout. For editing tables, there is a ruler for you to easily adjust the width and height of cells. When you are on a cell, there are two floating controls that allow you to easily insert or delete a row or column.

Creating a non-table-based layout is relatively easy. You can make any text block into a layer and control its position and z-index. You cannot change its position in the text-flow without demoting it and promoting it again.

Web developers' friend Edit

ability to insert PHP script, integrated site manager, XHTML support

Published Reviews Edit

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