Getting Started Edit

I'm gonna just dump the initial pass of where I'm thinking this wiki should go on this talk page for now.

Next steps are:

  • refine these starter ideas into something more coherent and presentable
  • implement the wiki. setup the About area. setup the area to develop/discuss the Guiding Principles or whatever they wind up getting called.
  • think about presentation of the wiki's purpose to each and every visitor/visitor type that might be chancing upon it at some point, and develop clear messaging to quickly get them introduced to the idea as well as facilitate the best next step for them with respect to participation.
  • setup homepage and some random pass at a starter organization.
  • file a few example ideas.

Guiding Principles Edit

by Pfwebadmin, Daniel Wang

(Please feel free to edit this section)

We need to flesh these out, then boil them down. Organize and combine where appropriate. Then move to either About, or maybe some (GP?) namespace

  • Guiding Principles will be always under revision, by way of encouraging their comprehension & adoption by participants and by way of improving them.
  • Wikipedia policies and tendencies will be relied on to inform debate where no explicit/distinct guiding principle has yet been fleshed out, but the mission of this wiki is distict from Wikipedia and frequently the policies there won't work to translate directly here. This place is inherently pro-POV expression, albeit expression within certain guiding priciples like positivity.
  • Sister project for feedback to non-software stuff? aka the internet;).

Ease of Contribution Edit

  • This wiki will encourage a very low barrier to entry for participation. Anyone can start a content area on any application and just leave one random thought.
    • Need to figure out a tag-line to that effect, and incorporate somewhere very prominent throughout the wiki.
    • Not sure if wikicities has a login requirement option, but if it does it won't be used at first at least.
  • Suggested processes?:
  • - plant an idea, then:
  1. grow it a bit yourself.
  2. enlicit feedback/help growing it.
  3. facilitate others telling the right people
  • point out a fault in someone else's idea
  1. reiterate the weakness in thinking that's being illustrated
  2. illustrate the workaround, the opportunity
  • what else? at least a few more easy additons to this bulleted list.
  • what goes here?
  1. _
  2. _

say check this out.

  • We need to build or incorporate a process by which a visitor can pass a link or reference to others.
  • The idea that "given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow" can help grow Feature Garden.
  • incorporating something that very easily incorporating something like a +/- voting system that didn't include any actual weight attached to the actual user's vote would be nice.

Neutral Point of View (NPOV) Edit

A NPOV policy will be hashed out over time, and due to the nature of this sort of content, its application may involve frequent and spirited debate.

  • Software bashing will be permitted but discouraged. A guiding principle could be to encourage people to mercilessly edit derogatory comments by other people. For minor negative wordings, it will be somewhat tricky. We could say that people should resist the urge to edit out opinions simply because they are contrary to their own; a good rule of thumb is not to delete text but instead substitute it with other words.
    • Suggested process for passing over 'it sucks' type comments maybe could be something in the vein of leaving the 'it sucks,' but adding the suggested bit that would negate the issue?
  • Many companies foster this sort of thing, but there aren't very many that don't do it without strings attached. The fact that this wiki is not connected to any software vendor will encourage open discussion.
  • Encourage anyone to point out possible problems with suggestions, but keep it as a mission of the wiki that everyone try to offer the way to workaround or avoid problems.
  • This kind of thing could be integrated with the documentation wiki, or it might be better off separate.
  • People with vested interests (e.g. those working for the vendor of software in question) may edit content like everyone else, but they need to reminded to keep things positive and truthful.
    • Software vendors (commercial or otherwise) will be encouraged to present themselves in a "space" that is connected to but distinct from the primary, user-contributed content on their software. (e.g. put 'the company line' and other stuff that wouldn't necessarily pass whatever test this wiki decides is right for accuracy in the primary "space.")

Keep it Useful Edit

  • Please try for no complaints without at least something that you feel points to an opportunity to improve the application(s) being discussed.
    • but just complaining is ok if 'need' be. maybe someone else will figure out the opportunity
    • if you need to just complain then please try to keep it as polite as possible.
  • An ungrounded complaint is frequently a poor indication of an opportunity for software improvement.
  • People are encouraged to re-organize and add content, but they discouraged from deleting except for extreme circumstances. We need something on deleting or archiving as time makes content irrelavant.

Marketing Edit

  • We can write content for software that people consider to be small. Then we can have a voting contest on what software is with the least bloats.

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